Rockstart and Covid-19

What a year it has been so far! We are so proud of our wonderful and resilient students who adapted to online Zoom lessons, and then back to face-to-face learning like the champs they are. The great thing we have learned is that student’s music lessons can continue no matter what becomes us.

With term 3 just about to commence next week, we wanted to reassure our parents, and any new students, that Cory will again have hand sanitiser available for students to use before and after lessons, and that keyboards and door handles will receive an anti-bacterial wipe down between each lesson.

Looking forward to an amazing term 3 and hoping for a happy and healthy second half of 2020 for our wonderful students.

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Taryn Blight

Taryn Blight is an experienced Music Business Lecturer with a background in Music Publicity and Artist Management.