Sue’s Testimonial

“Our 13 year old son has been learning guitar, bass and drums with Cory for approximately 2 years. We found Cory online and he has more than lived up to his qualifications, experience and reputation.

Cory has a very gentle nature and the ability to connect with his students and encourage them to deliver to the best of their ability without applying pressure. His teaching methods are very creative, allowing kids to learn through the music they enjoy, whilst also introducing them to new genres and techniques.

The lessons have delivered far more than just learning an instrument(s) with regular professional recording sessions, allowing for experience in song arrangement through the process.

We thought our son showed some musical talent but his progression with Cory has been rapid and he is now playing all instruments with passion, professionalism and at a level that far exceeds our expectations.”

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Cory Blight

Cory Blight is a musician and music producer located in Urunga, Australia. Formally from the band Dukes of Windsor, Cory now writes, plays drums, records, mixes and masters all the music for hardcore duo Over-Reactor and is the manager of Rockstart Music